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יאנה והפסנתר בחוויה מוזיקלית 

הפלגה הקסומה


המוזיקה של יאנה

 דוגמיות ואלבומים להורדה

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Piano's Breath

The Piano's Breath  Special Collection

A special collection of 10 pieces of my music taken from all of the CD's including live preformances and workshops...from the last 10 years, including my first CD- The Piano's Breath.

אוסף מיוחד של 10 קטעי מוזיקה שלי שנלקחו מכל האלבומים כולל הופעות חיות וסדנאות ... מעשר השנים האחרונות, כולל האלבום הראשון שלי - נשימת הפסנתר

Dance with me1.jpg
Dance with me

Dance with me & with Kuthumi Lal Singh CD Yanna Volfinzon 2011


Piano channelled CD, with Yanna Volfinzon and Kuthumi Lal Singh,Kuthumi Lal Singh who is Ascended Master that loves celebrating life and human beings in a very brilliant and magnificent way.
His humour and simplicity with absolute pure and unique wisdom is coming through,
each and every time that we are co-operating with him.... His special love for music can be felt through the piano CD.
Kuthumi invited me to bring the expression of the whole me, the Grand me! He invited me to play and to dance and to discover more about him and me while playing on the piano, feeling and tasting the notes, like tasting a great meal, each note feels different and special and bringing something new and different to the whole composition. So smell it, taste it, breathe it and drink it in, as it is a grand!:-)) It invites each and every one of us to be who we truly celebrate life and The true Magnificent US!

CD2 cover1.jpg
Shining in Freedom

Shining In Freedom


Shining in Freedom

8 songs 

Yanna Volfinzon,



לזרוח בחופשיות 

שמונה יצירות 

יאנה וולפינזון,

דצמבר 2012

When I Look Into Your Eyes CD1+CD2


When I look into your eyes- Album 2 CD's

Solo Piano by the pianist,

composer & teacher Yanna Volfinzon:

An Album of 2 CD's:16 songs in total

"כשאני מביטה בעיניים שלך", אלבום חדש בן שני דיסקים

שנוצרו באותו פרק זמן וחולקים איתם את אותה תודעה אנרגיה.

האלבום מתחלק לשני דיסקים: בכל אחד מהדיסקים 8 יצירות

When i look

The Grandness of Soul


This special album is dedicated to the one who has been called Dr. Breath,  Norma Aandrah Delaney, who have been showing us the wondres of Breath and Soul, when combining both together, you can start and feel the Grandness of You, your own Soul.

10 piano creations, that have been played in the last 5 years, all created in the now moment, inspired, channeled and recorded in wav format.


Sound Editing by Jack Mallett

The grandness of soul
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