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Eshel - the art of combining combat

Eshel - the art of combining combat

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The way to find the basis of standing is in the natural, balanced movement where our body can be comfortable, comfort is the basis, an uncomfortable stance will lead to discomfort, pain and exposure in front of the opponent, when a comfortable stance is in harmony with ourselves and nature, we are a breath away from the moment, therefore the form of standing differs from person to person And even if they studied in the same place because everyone has a different body language. The distance from T-H - free movement space will give you breathing space in a defensive action or an attack towards the opponent, it is important to remember that keeping a distance is part of a preventive action of defense, in an attack keeping a distance is important according to the distance to which I enter. Intrusion into space is usually a surprise attack, when an intrusion is made into your space you must react quickly in one breath with concentration and harmony of 3 components you are the opponent and the moment, quick action and a faster reaction from the opponent / enemy will give you the advantage in self defense

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