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Fire and God - Part One - Love and Reason

Fire and God - Part One - Love and Reason

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The author's statement: spelling in the spirit of things according to self-view and thought, it is not a guide or a goal for the person to shape his path, there are no laws but the view of the author in the spirit of things. According to three layers, the books are built one - open is allowed for everyone two hidden - intended for religious and spiritual people third ganoz - out of the sight of things all things ganoz make ganozim, with the idea of setting boundaries and maintaining the purity of things, there is no such book - ganoz no? ! A sign of love and wisdom - 2004 It is important to emphasize that everything written is true only according to the author's own view and there is no desire to give a spiritual or religious statement, therefore this book should be treated as a book of looking at the thoughts and ideas of a person who likes to think and wants to show the way of his thinking, life and learning, Only the desire to share and share made Hello books to be born. • A sign of love and wisdom - this is the original book before it became fire... and... God.



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