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Homeland - the insects of the homeland

Homeland - the insects of the homeland

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Where we live, in our house, behind the walls and under the floor and also in the garden whether in the front or back yard, there is a magical world, the world of insects. Almost every western woman doesn't really like insects, especially cockroaches, so a conflict arises between... the mother of the house - Homeland (motherland), and the country of insects Homeland Insects (the insects of the homeland), of course the dragonfly kingdom that is in the back garden and tries to survive the situation. Book It was a challenging project, from taking funny situations from reality to writing strange and imaginary pieces, to write everything from the point of view of the insects themselves and... to try not to write a work that would be limiting to other works on this subject. In the end, understanding is that all animals are looking for only one thing Common to all and this is ... to live

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