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A biography of my and my wife's families, the names were changed for the purposes of the plot and characters and other imaginative pieces were added.

The writing of this book began in 2007 and it was a 14-year journey that ended in 2021

once upon a time ...

There were two young angels, who for many years lived in peace and a good relationship, for long periods they sat undisturbed and enjoyed peace as the commandment of creation. Ever since the Middle Ages they have been living in the Raj Stan region of North-West India, which is a beautiful and magical place of forts and palaces. In the past, their role was to protect the royal families from struggles and wars. The angels loved the country of the kings so much that it is so beautiful and full of palaces and colors, really a magnificent civilization, in a place that looks different, a place where the pen writes with splendor and glory. They have already forgotten what the world looks like, closed within themselves and everything else has disappeared.

In 1864 in the city of kings, Rajasthan, the angel Vaishali (which in Hindi means prosperity, beauty and goodness) went to the market, her partner Raja (which means king - ruler) was always waiting for her. When she would return, she would bring him a flower and they would sit and talk That day the creation decided that enough was enough... Raja went to the market and did not find her, he left Rajasthan and began to travel around the world. In 1910 he heard the voice of The creature tells him to fly north towards Europe, to a cool and special place. The creature spoke to him in her caressing voice and said "go on... you have some tasks to do".

Year: 1910 Location: Ukraine, Kherson (a port city on the shores of the Black Sea and the Dnieper River) Raja was hovering in the blue sky, passing over the villages when twilight began. He began to climb in his flight as high as possible in the blue sky so as not to accidentally get an arrow in the wing. The sun set Le, and he navigates by the North Star, flying through the clouds and cold winds blowing on him, lowering his flight and landing in fields of watermelons, cucumbers and many other vegetables. He continued to advance on foot until he found a place where he could rest for the journey that would resume the next day The blessed land came to the cold and special place in Europe, it is in Kherson in Ukraine. There is snow in winter and pleasant in summer, the place is a green valley and there is the Dnieper river that starts from the Black Sea region to the western border of Ukraine In the town near the shops, Raja met a young man named Ram, they started talking, a strange feeling of obligation began to fill Raja and they became friends. Ram is a twenty-five-year-old Jew born in Kherson, the son of Abraham and Anya Weiss, and he decided to leave for the The covenant to move to the Holy Land - Israel.

In 1914, when the Great War (World War I) began, Ram was sent by the USA and arrived in the Land of Israel to help the British in the war against the Ottoman Empire. It was the largest war up to that time in the world and there were many fronts in it. Of course, the eastern arena The high school where Ra'ga protected Ram Amir Weiss and helped him in the fighting, they ran from one pool to another amid a rain of shells and the whistling of bullets.

In 1918, when the war ended, Ram received a commendation from the King of England, then returned to the USA to settle matters and return to Israel. The USA did not agree and he had to choose between returning to Ukraine or Argentina. Ram chose and moved to Argentina in South America, when he arrived in Argentina he lived in Buenos Aires and there he met Talia, they got married and moved to a small town on the outskirts of Moses-ville, the first Jewish city. There in 1934 their daughter Ella was born, after Raja saw that Ram Amir and Wis got along, he again heard the voice of creation calling him across the sea.

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