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The Teachings of the Sea (2013) By: Yanna Eshel

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Something I wrote a few days ago...

'Today I was swimming with the fish...still not with the dolphins but to my surprise I felt quite safe even in a bit deeper water, as I was wearing for the first time, these kind of shoes, especially for walking safely in the water and also those shoes apparently allows the water to come in and it felt like I was easily floating above the water...and it helped me - I could let go of the fear of drowning more than I was enjoying this new feeling and saw amazing fish swimming right next to me.!!

The funny thing is that I moved to a house with a roommate, when it appeared to be that he is a diving guide...was in his past ...he did everything connected to diving and has the equipment with that's again a very brilliant creation of my soul.. One of my wishes was to overcome my fear of drowning and to learn how to dive fearlessly in the sea...because I really LOVE anything to do with the him being Not aware at my fear, took me today to a coral.

Basically there was nothing to fear besides when I was going to my head - then my mind would panicked realizing he is really floating above deep water!!! This a great discovery for all life!!! Because when I was watching the fish swimming in such calmness and peace... I was completely enjoying it...and there was so much beauty around me....that I even forgot I have this fear from deep water…it is a story of my mind….Only the mind can stop beauty and cause a distraction from beauty and create chaos ...the real world under the water is brilliant peaceful and real life itself !!

So the question that came to me is how deep can you trust your soul...and how deep can you allow her to love you and to surround you and support you with so much beauty, ...and how deep and how long can you stay there …in that energy…inside this magical space which is inside you, without going back to your mind???

Because you trust you and you love you and you want to enjoy this life!'

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